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Please follow the game and add it to your wishlist! We will be releasing an Early Access version in Mid April and we will fully release at the end of April.

Development Diary #5


Our talented designers and artists have been collaborating on an intro animatic for the game. This should set the player up with some nice character background information and give them a better sense of the world they are playing in. Check in very soon for our first draft version of this animatic. For now, we have a piece of story concept art created by our talented character artist.

Story by Shihao Angie art.png


Two interaction mechanics… balloon, and slingshot, have been cut from the game. We think this simplifies the gameplay overall, and gives our level designers more clearly defined parameters to create levels within. In their place, we have added an ‘air vent’ environment mechanic.

Level Design Template

With an established template, our level designers can crank out new levels and test them at a breakneck pace. This will also keep us all consistent when creating.

Level-template jpg.jpg

Air vent

McSkin is the only character that can utilize the air vent. The air will propel McSkin upward so he can gain elevation and reach new areas in the level. This mechanic will also work when Bones and McSkin are together, utilizing the parachute interaction. (9).gif


Enviroment Art

Excellent strides have also been made on our environment art. Our artists and designers have been working together to ensure the environment is both beautiful and functional. Here is a preliminary mockup of one of the levels. This is conceptual and is not a screenshot of a level in-game. We’ll post more art when it’s further along.

New Concept.jpg

Thank you so much for joining us! Please check back soon for more updates.


Meaty McSkinBones

‘Split’ is no more. The game is now titled ‘Meaty McSkinBones’! After much deliberation and passionate debate, we have decided to change the name of our game. We think this new title reflects the vibe we are aiming for. We hope you’re all as excited about it as we are!

Development Diary #4

Hello everyone! We meet again for the fourth installment in our development diary series. The team has been hard at work the past two weeks and we have much to show. Thank you again for taking part in this journey and supporting us in our development adventure.

This sprint we have made some progress with environment interactions.


An elevator can take the player from one place in the map to another. This elevator is always button-activated. This button could be on the elevator or some distance away. The player may put other ‘splits’ or an interactable object inside the elevator to go along for the ride.

Here is an example of the elevator in action:

new elevator gif.gif


A button is a mechanic which allows the player to alter the environment. The button will be an object in the game that can be physically pressed by the player. After being pressed, platforms can disappear or appear; there will be a visual cue for the player to know what interaction will take place.

Here is an example of the button in action:

new button gif.gif

We are also currently prototyping other environment interactions. These are still being tested and are likely to change. Other environment interactions in the works:

‘Burning platforms’ which will kill certain splits, but allow others to pass.

‘Fan’ which will generate air and cause skin to gain elevation if it is gliding over it.


Our environment and character artists have been hard at work on creating a fully realized space. Here is a screenshot of some updated art. This environment is not complete yet… nor is the character art, but it’s great to see how far we’ve come and it gives a taste of what the final art will look like.


Development Diary #3

Thank you so much for joining us for our 3rd development diary update!

The team has been hard at work the past two weeks.

We have been polishing and refining our ‘split’ interactions that I touched on last update.  Here are some gifs of these interactions in game to give you a better idea of how they will function.

Ladder Interaction (3).gif

Slingshot Interaction (2).gif

We’re also pleased to announce that work has begun on animations. Our technical artists have spent hours in the motion capture studios acting out every possible character movement in the game. We really want the personality of the splits to shine through in the animations, so nailing this process is of high priority to us. Rest assured, we will be giving this a great deal of attention!

Here is a sample of part of that process: (1).gif

We will be showing more on animations as we continue to develop them.

Lastly, our design team is hard at work creating levels that incorporate all the characters in meaningful ways. We will be churning out new levels on a pretty regular basis. They will then go through an extensive review process which includes user testing and in-house iteration. Here is a sample of one of our new, exciting levels!


Thanks again for being a part of our journey! Please stay tuned – we will be updating this blog with some more fantastic news very soon.

Development Diary #2

Hello everyone! Thank you for joining us for our second dev diary update.


For this blog post we will be focusing on ‘Split’ to ‘Split’ interactions. This system refers to the ability of a player to interact with the other bodies while they are not player-occupied. This allows for some interesting new ways to solve puzzles… and it’s frankly a ton of fun to use the other bodies as tools like you’re some sort of Frankenstein Macgyver. These mechanics are currently in the prototyping phase. We will post more once they are finalized.


Muscle can remove skeleton’s arm and move throughout the level with it. When muscle throws the bone arm, it will always go back to skeleton.


kind of gross, but really fun”

Muscle can inflate skin like a balloon. Then, skin can float around the level with free range of movement, allowing unique platform possibilities like never before.



Skeleton can change its body into a catapult, allowing skin to place himself into it and launch himself great distances, potentially braking certain objects along the way.


Skeleton can climb on top of muscle’s shoulders to reach heights greater than is possible through jumping.



Skin can stretch itself like a parachute and allow skeleton to use it as a tool. This enables skeleton to slowly descend to great depths. It gives skeleton more control as well as safety from gravity.


We’re very pleased to present our character concept art.  This may still be subject to iteration, but it’s a great starting off point and we’re very pleased with the way the character is coming together.


We have also completed concepting a logo for our studio as well as banner art for the title. These will be viewed quite frequently between Steam pages, social media sites, and inside the game, so we’re very happy they look as good as they do.

Triplot Logo.png

Thank you so much for your interest in this project! Stay tuned for the third installment of our development diary, which will be coming very soon.