Development Diary #2

Hello everyone! Thank you for joining us for our second dev diary update.


For this blog post we will be focusing on ‘Split’ to ‘Split’ interactions. This system refers to the ability of a player to interact with the other bodies while they are not player-occupied. This allows for some interesting new ways to solve puzzles… and it’s frankly a ton of fun to use the other bodies as tools like you’re some sort of Frankenstein Macgyver. These mechanics are currently in the prototyping phase. We will post more once they are finalized.


Muscle can remove skeleton’s arm and move throughout the level with it. When muscle throws the bone arm, it will always go back to skeleton.


kind of gross, but really fun”

Muscle can inflate skin like a balloon. Then, skin can float around the level with free range of movement, allowing unique platform possibilities like never before.



Skeleton can change its body into a catapult, allowing skin to place himself into it and launch himself great distances, potentially braking certain objects along the way.


Skeleton can climb on top of muscle’s shoulders to reach heights greater than is possible through jumping.



Skin can stretch itself like a parachute and allow skeleton to use it as a tool. This enables skeleton to slowly descend to great depths. It gives skeleton more control as well as safety from gravity.


We’re very pleased to present our character concept art.  This may still be subject to iteration, but it’s a great starting off point and we’re very pleased with the way the character is coming together.


We have also completed concepting a logo for our studio as well as banner art for the title. These will be viewed quite frequently between Steam pages, social media sites, and inside the game, so we’re very happy they look as good as they do.

Triplot Logo.png

Thank you so much for your interest in this project! Stay tuned for the third installment of our development diary, which will be coming very soon.