Development Diary #3

Thank you so much for joining us for our 3rd development diary update!

The team has been hard at work the past two weeks.

We have been polishing and refining our ‘split’ interactions that I touched on last update.  Here are some gifs of these interactions in game to give you a better idea of how they will function.

Ladder Interaction (3).gif

Slingshot Interaction (2).gif

We’re also pleased to announce that work has begun on animations. Our technical artists have spent hours in the motion capture studios acting out every possible character movement in the game. We really want the personality of the splits to shine through in the animations, so nailing this process is of high priority to us. Rest assured, we will be giving this a great deal of attention!

Here is a sample of part of that process: (1).gif

We will be showing more on animations as we continue to develop them.

Lastly, our design team is hard at work creating levels that incorporate all the characters in meaningful ways. We will be churning out new levels on a pretty regular basis. They will then go through an extensive review process which includes user testing and in-house iteration. Here is a sample of one of our new, exciting levels!


Thanks again for being a part of our journey! Please stay tuned – we will be updating this blog with some more fantastic news very soon.