Development Diary #4

Hello everyone! We meet again for the fourth installment in our development diary series. The team has been hard at work the past two weeks and we have much to show. Thank you again for taking part in this journey and supporting us in our development adventure.

This sprint we have made some progress with environment interactions.


An elevator can take the player from one place in the map to another. This elevator is always button-activated. This button could be on the elevator or some distance away. The player may put other ‘splits’ or an interactable object inside the elevator to go along for the ride.

Here is an example of the elevator in action:

new elevator gif.gif


A button is a mechanic which allows the player to alter the environment. The button will be an object in the game that can be physically pressed by the player. After being pressed, platforms can disappear or appear; there will be a visual cue for the player to know what interaction will take place.

Here is an example of the button in action:

new button gif.gif

We are also currently prototyping other environment interactions. These are still being tested and are likely to change. Other environment interactions in the works:

‘Burning platforms’ which will kill certain splits, but allow others to pass.

‘Fan’ which will generate air and cause skin to gain elevation if it is gliding over it.


Our environment and character artists have been hard at work on creating a fully realized space. Here is a screenshot of some updated art. This environment is not complete yet… nor is the character art, but it’s great to see how far we’ve come and it gives a taste of what the final art will look like.