Development Diary #5


Our talented designers and artists have been collaborating on an intro animatic for the game. This should set the player up with some nice character background information and give them a better sense of the world they are playing in. Check in very soon for our first draft version of this animatic. For now, we have a piece of story concept art created by our talented character artist.

Story by Shihao Angie art.png


Two interaction mechanics… balloon, and slingshot, have been cut from the game. We think this simplifies the gameplay overall, and gives our level designers more clearly defined parameters to create levels within. In their place, we have added an ‘air vent’ environment mechanic.

Level Design Template

With an established template, our level designers can crank out new levels and test them at a breakneck pace. This will also keep us all consistent when creating.

Level-template jpg.jpg

Air vent

McSkin is the only character that can utilize the air vent. The air will propel McSkin upward so he can gain elevation and reach new areas in the level. This mechanic will also work when Bones and McSkin are together, utilizing the parachute interaction. (9).gif


Enviroment Art

Excellent strides have also been made on our environment art. Our artists and designers have been working together to ensure the environment is both beautiful and functional. Here is a preliminary mockup of one of the levels. This is conceptual and is not a screenshot of a level in-game. We’ll post more art when it’s further along.

New Concept.jpg

Thank you so much for joining us! Please check back soon for more updates.